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Student J was excluded from mainstream school following extensive outbursts, displaying verbal aggression, abuse, and disrespect towards staff. On starting at Progress Schools Wirral, it was clear to staff that J had severe anger issues and was immediately offered anger management counselling and mentoring sessions, which he declined.

J completed Progress Schools’ 12-week Reintegration Programme. His aggressive outbursts continued however, which sadly meant that he was not ready to return to mainstream school. J was then transferred onto the Progress Schools full-time Futures Programme.

A meeting to discuss J’s inner-school transfer was arranged with the Head of School, ensuring that realistic goals were set, and J was encouraged to participate in the support provided. Throughout the meeting, expectations were discussed, and a behaviour contract was agreed upon with J and his parents.

An agreement was put in place and stated that if J attended for the following four weeks with no exclusions, no incidents of verbal abuse or disrespect towards staff, and if he participated in anger management counselling sessions, Progress Schools would facilitate J to transfer back onto the Reintegration Programme. This structural and behavioural focussed approach gave J the hope of returning to a mainstream school.

J spent a total of 13 weeks at Progress Schools, during which time he was not excluded and did not allow his behaviour to spiral. He participated in daily mentoring sessions with staff, focusing on reacting appropriately in stressful situations and utilising other ways to express his emotions.

Progress Schools staff worked closely with J to identify emotive triggers and supported him to develop techniques to control negative emotions. Alongside the comprehensive support that J received in school, he was signposted to a local anger management counselling service, where he accessed further support.

Equipped with the tools and knowledge to control his negative emotions and react to stressful situations calmly, J began to flourish. His participation increased and he became more engaged in his education, demonstrating a real commitment and dedication to his studies.

The initial barrier between staff and J began to crumble and was replaced with a positive rapport and mutual respect. The trust that was developed between J and Progress Schools staff was a by-product of constant nurturing and support delivered by each staff member.

J’s development, progression and maturity contributed to his suitability for mainstream. He continued to make positive choices and segregated himself from peers who would distract him. He completed work and ensured it was presented to a high standard – demonstrated a sense of pride and accountability for his education.

When lockdown restrictions were eased, a decision was made to invite J to attend a reintegration meeting at a local high school, where his next steps would be discussed.

Progress Schools – The Hive Head of School, Zoe Hughes, received this message from J’s mum: “Thanks so much Zoe. To think he was told he was going to be going to Futures not long ago and now this. I am so happy. Thanks for all you have done for him you have gone over and above to support him and we’re very grateful.”

At the meeting, the Head Teacher was delighted with the progression J had made, praising the quality and quantity of work completed. Unsurprisingly, the Head Teacher offered J an opportunity to attend the school on a full-time placement – starting the following week.

Since reintegrating back into mainstream, J has received glowing praise from his teachers.

J’s mum reached out to Progress Schools to praise them for all their support. She said: “Thanks for believing in him and giving him the confidence he needed, he has come on so much. I can’t thank you all enough.”

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